Monday, December 26, 2011

Decorating My House

Something I’m working on right now (one of my million unfinished projects) is decorating my house. Fun, you say. Yeah, but I’m really tardy. I’ve been a homeowner for a year now. I still have unpacked boxes and the feng shui just ain’t there. I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to purchase all of my furniture and then have to move it back out once I decided to paint. So the kitchen and living room have been painted, but aren’t completely decorated, and my bedroom, as well as the bathrooms, is still bare. The guest bedroom is a whole ‘nother story. It’s more like a storage unit at this point. It stays closed so I’m saving that for last. T’s bedroom looks good…I just need to have a few things framed that I painted for him and probably rearrange the furniture since his toys are taking over the room and spilling out into the rest of the house like The Blob. I think that’s going to be something else for me to “blog” about. Haha, I put that in quotes because it’s not like I “blog” on a regular basis. I can’t even call myself a “blogger”. I’m not quite sure that anyone is even ever going to read this. But, I will show you my decorating skills on a budget. I furnished my house for the low and everything was extra cheap. I’ll have to take some pictures of some of the things that I got. I’m all about recycling/reusing/repurposing…all that. Building off of what you already have and getting new pieces to bring the room for life. That can sometimes put narrow your color choices, but that’s where your creativity comes in to pull it all together.

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