Monday, December 26, 2011

Please excuse me...

Where are my manners?  I just started writing all willy-nilly without even introducing myself.  I'm tastezlikecandy and this is my humble little blog.  I created this account so that I could get back into writing.  Over the last several years, two things I really used to enjoy--reading (for pleasure) and writing--have taken a backseat to real life.  As a matter of fact, several things that I used to enjoy took a backseat to "real life" and now I'm slowly getting them back.  As I write more, and hopefully you'll keep reading more, you'll understand why.

Anyway, I'm a twenty-something single mom with great friends, great family, and working in a field I enjoy.  I plan to use this blog to talk about whatever pops into my head, so don't look for too much continuity :).  I'll talk about myself, my kid, my job, my frustrations, my past, and occasionally hop up on my soapbox to talk about the things I feel most strongly about.  I hope you connect with me on here.  I'm also on Twitter: @tastezlikecandy.

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