Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Treat: Sally Hansen Nail Effects

Yes, I know that EVERYONE has done some type of review on these.  So, what’s one more for you to read?  I bought two packs in November 2011—one for me, one for my mom.  I’d read about them and seen friends and strangers post pictures of them to blogs and Instagram.  I applied mine first, then did my mom’s.  They came out great.  Since then, we’ve bought several more.  

Some colors/designs come out better than others.  For example, the plain polish (no design) is much more pliable than the prints.  Sucks for me because I like funky!  The glitter lasts a long time, and my shortest wear of any was the Kitty Kitty print at 7 days.  But, I use my hands a lot.  If I was somewhere being dainty, they’d probably still be on.  Anyway, it’s still a much better deal than nail polish which chips (on me) immediately.  And way cheaper than getting your nails done every two weeks.  I paid about $10 for them at Kroger.  My mom paid $6 for some at Walgreens.

Something to note, once the pack with the strips is opened, the CANNOT be used at all.  Yes, the directions say this…and yes I still wanted to conduct my own experiment.  I keep my nails short, so what I do is only open one pack of strips (2 come in a box).  I cut them in half and use one whole strip for two nails.  That way I can keep the second unopened pack and use it later.  Turns it into a $5 manicure.  What a treat!

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