Sunday, July 1, 2012

31 Day Reset

Today I am starting a life reset program sent to me by a friend of mine.  The information for the 31 Day Reset can be found on  I will be doing it with my best friend, and we will be each other's accountability partners.  I absolutely love exercises that bring heightened self-awareness so I am very excited and glad that I will be doing it with someone who doesn't mind giving feedback to me!  The first day asks you to choose your personal mantra.  I really can't decide because there are several quotes that I repeat to myself often.  So, I'm going to stick with a good old-fashioned affirmation of things that I want to continue in my life: "I am learning.  I am living.  I am happy, healthy, blessed, and free."  Kind of long, but I think all those things are so important.  Also on the first day, you must choose a theme song for the month.  I found a link to some cool songs for motivation here: Again, I can't decide.  I think I'm going with "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers.  When he sings "when I look at you," I think of looking at my son. :)  Well that's all for now.  Hopefully this will inspire me to keep my blog updated better than I have :( 

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