Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday's Sweet Treat: imPRESS nails v. Nailene nails

A lovely young lady that I am Instagram friends with started posting pics of her press-on nails.  Looked good so I went out to find some.  Lucked up and got 2 boxes 50% off at CVS.  Put them on in about ten minutes. They were about $7 or $7.99 full price.  For the price, cool.  As for durability, I got about 2 days before random nails popped off.  However, I was cleaning my couches, cleaning the house, working in the yard, and working on the geriatric unit of the hospital which means a lot of lifting and cleaning.  If I was chillin on vacation or sitting somewhere looking cute, I'm sure they would have lasted longer.
Comparing them to Sally Hansen Nail Effects....well, they are about a dollar cheaper and give a shape like acrylics so that's fine if you want your nails to look "done" not just painted.  But they definitely aren't as durable as the Nail Effects.  I've left the Sally Hansen product on for 7 days or more.  That said, the imPRESS nails come with a lot of extra press-ons in the box so when one pops off you can just put another one back on.  Unlike Nail Effects strips which dry out and become unusable if you don't use them when they are opened.  If they could find a way to individually seal them, I'd be buying them all the time.  Anyhoo, imPRESS seems cool for a quick, one-time event.

Now, I'll talk about Nailene.  For these you need nail glue...which is nothing more than super glue.  I got this pack at Family Dollar for $3.  The nail shapes fit my nails better than the imPRESS nails did and they have lasted longer because you glue them to your nails  So far, I've gotten compliments on them and I think they look pretty good.

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